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Innocent Smart AirTag Strap Wallet - Carbon Black

Innocent Smart AirTag Strap Wallet - Carbon Black

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Innocent Smart Wallet - the only wallet you need!

RFID Data Protection: RFID data protection is a key feature of this wallet, designed to secure your important information from unauthorized scanning. The wallet's interior is specially lined with RFID-blocking material, effectively preventing thieves from reading your cards and documents using radio waves, thus protecting your sensitive data from theft.

Quality Materials: The Innocent Smart Wallet is made from high-quality aluminum or forged carbon, ensuring long life and resistance to wear and tear.

Minimalist Design: With its minimalist design and slim profile, this wallet becomes the ideal companion for those who prefer simplicity and elegance.

Card Space: Inside the wallet, you'll find space for up to 12 cards, ensuring plenty of room for your credit cards, ID, and other important documents.

Money Strap: The money strap with elastic band allows you to securely hold your bills, even while on the move.

Unique and Unique: Each wallet is unique due to the materials used and the processing, making it a special accessory for every owner.

Innocent Smart AirTag Strap Wallet: Introducing an innovative wallet that goes beyond basic functions, offering advanced localization options in case of loss. This version of the wallet includes an integrated space for an Apple AirTag, allowing you to easily find your wallet if lost.

With this wallet featuring an integrated space for an Apple AirTag, you can rest assured that even in case of mishap, you'll have the option to quickly and reliably find your lost items. Current technology brings you not only elegance and practicality but also a sense of security and confidence in your everyday life.

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