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Innocent Genius 4in1 Smart Cable

Innocent Genius 4in1 Smart Cable

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Innocent Genius 4in1 is the cable that rules them all. You can find up to 4 charging combinations in it:

  • USB A - Lightning
  • USB A - USB-C
  • USB-C - USB-C / 60W
  • USB-C - Lightning / 20W

Aramid fiber increases resistance to heat, chemicals and bending. 200 braided copper wires allow faster current flow and add power to charging. Protective TPU covers in several layers give the cable great bending resistance. The nylon reinforcement of the outer layer is made of double-woven mesh, so it will not easily tear through.

Energy sharing: The Innocent Genius 4in1 cable allows your phone or tablet to become a power source that you can use to charge another device when a standard charging port isn't available.

Available when using USB-C phone as input.

Key features: Charging cable, 4 in 1. 4 connectors. Charging USB-C devices from the USB-C port with a power of up to 60 W. Aramid fiber. 200 braided copper wires. Protective TPU covers. Nylon reinforcement. Length 0.1 meter.

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