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Innocent Titan Pro Apple Watch Band 49mm

Innocent Titan Pro Apple Watch Band 49mm

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Create a blend of elegance and durability for your Apple Watch with the Innocent Titan Pro Apple Watch Band. Designed with style in mind and inspired by classic watch straps, the Innocent Titan Pro band brings style and practicality to your everyday life.

Elegance and durability: The Titan Pro band is tasteful yet extremely durable. The Diamond-Like Carbon surface finish adds aesthetic shine to the band while increasing its scratch resistance.

Universal size: With the Titan Pro band, you don't have to worry about size as it comes with a resizing mechanism, allowing you to easily adjust the length of the band according to your needs. Regardless of your wrist size, this band will fit perfectly.

Slim and secure clasp: The special slim clasp of the Titan Pro band is designed for easy opening and secure closing. With this clasp, you don't have to deal with complicated mechanisms - simply snap it shut, and the band is secure.

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